Trey + Katie • Wedding at Eberley Brooks

Katie and Trey's wedding was extra special for us because Trey is my cousin and we love them so! It was a big honor to me that they would choose us as their photographers- and of course made us want to work that much harder. Shooting this wedding was a complete pleasure- it's not often that our own kids show up while we are working (thanks Mom and Dad!)- but Katie's family and friends were also so wonderful and fun. 

Lubbock decided to have 40 mph winds the day of their wedding, so I was extra thankful for the beautiful interior of Eberley Brooks Event Center. It is so perfectly set up. My mom and many helpers worked hard on all of the florals, and the bridesmaids even made their own bouquets the night before- and it all turned out so beautifully. 

Mostly, though- and this is the part I enjoy about getting to see Katie and Trey often, because it hasn't changed since their wedding day- I loved getting to see how perfectly these two go together. Katie looks at Trey just the way you would hope a bride would look at her groom. There is a peaceful hope about her that I just love, and I'm so happy to see the man that Trey has become. They both love Jesus, and I can't wait to see what God does with this new union. 

Thank you for the honor, Trey and Katie! Congratulations- we love you!