the cortinaz family • lubbock, tx

I have so much love for this sweet family- we had a great session last week as the sun was setting, and I think I mentioned the beautiful weather about 50 times during our session. I'm just so thankful it is mid-December and we are not freezing! I loved the way Paige (mom) styled them and that even their sweet pup had a flower. Shooting with this crew was great. Enjoy the photos!

colten + sharlyn • wedding • mcpherson cellars, lubbock tx

"Pretty much the only thing that I'm not worried about is you," she said with a laugh.

That's the statement I heard from Sharlyn a few weeks before her wedding- in the thick of the last-few-things-to-get-done time, when wedding planning can seem quite overwhelming and you've got forty things that need to be checked off the list. Quite responsibly, she and her mother were meeting with vendors and checking and double-checking before the big day. Now, of course, she wasn't commenting on her marriage or her fiancé, or any of the big, life-changing stuff that happens on your wedding day...but hearing her say those words made me so thankful. 

I love that she trusted me that much- even before I had taken one photo of her. It made me want to work that much harder for her and Colten. 

The big day arrived, and it was unmistakably one of the prettiest November days I've ever experienced in West Texas. We began at McPherson Cellars for portraits, and then headed to Broadway Church of Christ for the ceremony. These two had a great group of people around them and it was a great celebration! Thank you, Colten, Sharlyn and your families, for trusting us. And congratulations!

jarrett + crista • engagement • amarillo, tx

Oh my...I loved shooting this session! This year, more than ever before, I have fallen in love with the cool winter light that comes this time of year. Don't get me wrong- it was fah-reezing (yes, with two syllables)...and Crista was wearing a dress and somehow still looking totally beautiful. 

I have known Crista for all her life- she is my cousin and I'm so thankful for her and her family. This was my first time meeting Jarrett, who I'd heard (from my grandmother) was very cute. :) Turns out she was right- and he is also a perfect match for Crista. There's nothing I love more about my job than getting to witness two different people share one relationship- it is nothing short of a God-miracle- and I am so happy that these two are getting to experience that, together. 

They told me one of their favorite things to do together was to have a glass of wine and play gin rummy (told you they were cool), and so of course we had to set up a little game for them! Thanks Mom & Dad for your assistance with the setting. :)

Here are some of my favorites from our windy-cold yet beautiful winter day!

tony + beth • wedding • southwind hills, norman, ok

Tony + Beth were married last month at Southwind Hills- a beautiful place just south of Norman, OK. It was a chilly November day, but the sky was clear, and maybe it's because I was married in the wintertime...there is just something I love about an intimate winter soirée.

The venue was immaculate, as was the delicious meal and so many of the special details Tony + Beth had planned (colorful argyle socks? popcorn bar? Sign me up!). Above all that, these two were so excited to be getting married- it was written all over their faces. 

Enjoy these photos from their day- congratulations you two, thank you so much for having us!

trevor • canyon high school senior

This is my not-so-little anymore cousin, Trevor. In fact, he's actually much taller than me now...just like everyone else in his immediate family. :) When I realized that this guy would be graduating this year I definitely had a "dang, I'm old" reaction...but honestly, I am super excited for him. Trevor is one of those guys who can do whatever he puts his mind to- so I can't wait to see what happens in this next stage of his life. 

We shot his session out at my grandpa's farm- a place where we have both spent a lot of time- Trevor working for our grandpa, me...well just taking pictures and wandering around. :) I loved the gorgeous winter sunset that night. Thanks, Trevor, for trusting me with your pictures!

evan + winnie • engagement • lubbock, tx

I have been absent from my blog for a couple of weeks- not for lack of work, but for the overload of it! I am definitely not complaining, though- when you love your job, you don't mind! :) 

One of the reasons I love my job lately is getting to work with people like Evan and Winnie. These two are so easygoing, and trusted me with their engagement session. We had a beautiful evening to shoot in the West Texas fields, and I was eating up that golden light we only get this time of year. I had a great time with them, and I love the feeling of these images. Enjoy!

the clem family • lubbock, tx

This sweet family made me really excited about having a little girl. I have come to realize that coordinating outfits (and schedules, and attitudes) for family pictures is just not an easy task. So when an adorable family such as this one pulls it off, I am left in amazement. Seriously! We had a beautiful evening to shoot, and I loved getting to know this crew. 

the tompkins family • lubbock, tx

4 Boys. Sometimes it's a mess, sometimes it's sweet, but most of the time it is totally unpredictable and I am 100% into it. I love photographing this family, because during our shoots, Chad + Laura (the awesome parents) make a point to just let their kids be kids. There is wrestling, and throwing things, and running around...and I really feel like I am able to capture a pocket of time for them so much better that way. Chad and Laura, thanks for trusting me and letting me photograph your family again! I can't believe how quickly these boys are growing.