elizabeth • newborn

I got to photograph sweet Elizabeth a couple of weeks ago and I could not stop gushing at how precious she was, how much her big brother loved her, and all the beautiful details in her room. Just wait until you see!

I also loved that she already has her own copy of Pride & Prejudice and will know the story of another special Lizzy who had a playful heart, a sharp mind, and a great love story. :)

my favorite camera lens + the new how to work it workshop!

A week or so ago, I asked my Facebook friends what camera or photography-related questions they had- any question at all! It was so much fun to get a conversation started on the topic I geek out on. :)

Several people wanted to know what my favorite lens was- and here is the answer:

So there you go! 

Also, did you notice the little slide at the end of the video?!? It's something I'm kind of excited about- a dream I've been working on for quite some time- the NEW How to Work It Workshop!

I've been teaching in-person camera classes for a while now, but the more kids we add, the less time I have to make the workshops happen! I've also seen an increase in the amount of people that want to take the course that aren't able to make it to Lubbock. SOOOO......it's going online!

We are still working out some tweaks, but registration should open in the next few weeks!


Hope this video was helpful!

clay + krista • wedding at the legacy

I always tell couples that one of the things I love about weddings are all the things you can't plan. That's right- me, a self-professed control freak- likes the unpredictability of weddings. Really. 

I'm not saying I enjoy added stress in any way- but I do love how little surprises allow us reflect on the most important things, rather than all the other stuff that sometimes gets in the way. Krista and Clay's wedding day had a couple unexpected twists that came in the form of wardrobe malfunctions. Just as Krista was almost into her wedding dress, the zipper broke. And at almost the same time, across the hall, one of the groomsmen realized that the sole of his shoe was no longer actually on his shoe. Rather than panic (she could have and no one would have called her crazy), Krista waited gracefully as her team of helpful family and friends made it work. Thankfully, Nesley (the wonderful coordinator at the Legacy) had a giant fix-it kit that not only took care of the zipper, but the shoe as well. It was probably only a 20 minute span, but I was amazed at how Clay and Krista just didn't let if faze them. They were still getting married. And that's what mattered. 

We loved shooting this wedding. I adored the florals by Candelaria Designs and the gorgeous merlot color of the bridesmaids' dresses- perfect for a fall wedding. Krista's father officiated their ceremony and it made it extra special, and I just loved photographing all of her tiny cousins who were having the time of their life on the dance floor. 

Thanks for choosing us, Clay and Krista! Blessings and may you always choose to focus on what is most important!

grady + saraneil • wedding

There is such beauty and intimacy in a small wedding- especially one at the St. Paul's Chapel here in Lubbock. Fewer guests mean less rush, less worry, and the promise that there will be time to enjoy all the faces who have come to see you wed!

Shawn and I loved getting to photograph Grady + SaraNeil's wedding a few weeks ago. It threatened rain all day, which led to some beautiful cloud cover, and then the sun came bursting through just before sunset. It was incredibly refreshing. 

Grady + SaraNeil are the type of people who make you feel comfortable just being around them. SaraNeil is smart, and sweet- and has the best laugh- especially when she is laughing at Grady. Grady's love for his bride is pretty obvious when you see them together. Photographing it all was just wonderful.

Thank you for inviting us in on your special day, and congrats!

bobby + rishonna • wedding • autumn oaks

Bobby and Rishonna booked me before we ever got to meet in person. I was excited to get to work with them, because it is really an honor when someone chooses to trust me in that way! 

I'm going to go ahead and use the term "power couple" for these two. :) It's not long after you meet Bobby and Rishonna that you realize they are two of a kind. These two are both incredibly respectful and kind to everyone, hard-working, and ambitious (all of which will definitely add up to a great marriage). They had a gorgeous wedding at Autumn Oaks, and I have to tell you that my favorite part was when Bobby's father brought in his gift to his new daughter-in-law- a shetland pony! I think every woman and little girl in that room had their jaw on the floor- I mean who doesn't want a real pony at some point in life?!?

Thank you two for trusting us with your wedding images, and for allowing us to experience such a wonderful celebration! Congrats!

dustin + kasey • wedding • the legacy event center

Shawn and I had a great time photographing Dustin + Kasey's wedding at the Legacy last month. As I was working on these images, Shawn came by and commented on how much Dustin and Kasey laugh together. And it's true- it's clear that they are truly friends, which makes for a great marriage. 

One of the most special things about this wedding was that Kasey wore her mother's wedding dress! Such a cool detail and she looked beautiful. Congrats you guys! 

wedding photography sticker shock?

I have a confession to make. I LOVE my job, but I have an irrational fear of talking about it in public. More specifically, I have a fear of telling someone I just met that I am a "wedding photographer". Because, inevitably, they know someone who is getting married- and in my new friend's good nature, they want to help out their engaged and wedding-planning friend. So, the conversation usually goes something like this:

New Friend: Oh, you're a wedding photographer? My cousin is getting married...

Me: Yeah, I have a great job. Congrats to your cousin!

New Friend: How much do you charge?

Me, deep breath: Well, I have several different packages, and it really depends on what they are needing for their wedding....(by this time the new friend has tuned me out completely, and mostly deciding I said "I'm super expensive")

This is an assumption. But typically by the time I have finished my sentence, they're done. With the whole idea in general. Now, before you tell me I need a new approach- this is a situation I've been in a bazillion times- and I'm going into my 10th year as a full-time wedding photographer now, so I've learned the ropes on discussing these things. 


I got an email from a distraught bride last night and I identified completely with her. It wasn't that long ago that I was a bride myself, experiencing the same situation. Here's how her email read:

Hi Lissa, I'm currently trying to conduct a little research on wedding photography and I can't help but feel completely defeated about the pricing! Every talented photographer in the area has a minimum of $2700 and the photographers within my budget frankly, aren't very good. Do you know of any photographers that are closer to 2,000 or so? Would you be will to work with me on the price at all? I'm not typically a haggler. But I just cannot afford 3,000 for a photographer. I know it's hard work and the equipment and labor add up. So I understand completely if you can't come down at all in pricing. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm at a total loss! Thank you so much. 

Ugh. I feel for you, bride. I really do- because I remember what it was like when I was wedding planning. I felt like anything related to weddings was automatically marked up 1000%. I could go into WHY pricing for wedding-related things are the the way they are, but this isn't the blog post for that. What I want to say today is this:

1. I love this email. It is completely transparent and unassuming, and I so appreciate that. I try to also be transparent and unassuming with my clients, because I know and value my work, and so I do not feel threatened by this bride's words- rather, I really appreciate her honesty! 

2. I love that she knows her budget and wants to stick with it. 

3. I love that she is asking for a custom package (in her words, "haggling"). And I have a bit to say about it:

One of the beautiful things about my job is that I get to make the rules. I make custom packages ALL THE TIME. There are many times when I don't hear back from a bride and I'm sure it's because I was over their budget. Who knows what would happen if they emailed me back to say so? We might just end up creating a package that is perfect for them, or maybe not (I'm not afraid to tell someone I don't feel like I can serve them well and stay within their budget)- BUT I would love to give them a quote and get a shot at it. For goodness sakes, THIS IS HOW I MAKE MY LIVING. Before every wedding, Shawn and I will literally stop and pray and thank the Lord for giving us more work. We are both self-employed, and because of that, we are ultra-aware of how lucky we are when we GET to WORK. 

Here was my response to the bride:

I am so sorry to hear that you’ve had a hard time finding someone within your budget, and I hate that you are so discouraged- that’s the last thing you want to experience when planning your wedding! I was once a bride and remember feeling the sticker shock when it came to several things. My packages do start at 2800.00 for 2 photographers, 6 hours of coverage (and the digital files of your images). I do make custom packages all the time- but it’s likely that I would have to do a smaller amount of coverage (like 4 hours) to get within the 2000.00 range. 
I do have some advice- as a past bride and a professional photographer who has seen and shot hundreds of weddings:
1) With photography, you will get what you pay for. Hire the best photographer you can for your budget. (You probably know this, haha!) The first few years of my business I had 1500.00 packages (I’m now in year 10)- so you just need to find me 8 years ago, haha! Don’t worry I will help with that :)
2) Prioritize your top 3 things and spend money on those. The rest just isn’t as important. I have seen expensive wedding shoes get muddy, favors unseen by guests and left in a huge pile after the wedding, fake flowers that looked (and photographed) like real ones, borrowed wedding veils that saved brides several hundred dollars, and the list goes on. Obviously, I think photography is very important (and I think you do too). A great photographer can make an ugly room look better than any extra decor could. :)
3) Don’t be afraid to ask a photographer to give you a quote based on your budget- I love it when this happens, because I love my job and want to work! This time, though, I don’t think I would be able to give you the amount of coverage that you’d need AND do it within your budget. (Unless you are having a shorter/smaller wedding).
I checked with some talented friends I know and they have your date available and should have something within your budget. :)
(Names of awesome friends)
I hope that helps and that your discouragement turns into excitement over the great photographer you booked! Best wishes and congrats!

So there you go. My short advice to brides with a budget (which is EVERY bride). Hire the best photographer you can and don't spend your money on favors no one will see or take home. :)

carter + katelin • wedding

Carter + Katelin's wedding was at First Christian Church in Lubbock- one of my favorite churches to photograph because of all the Spanish architecture. To add to that, this bride and groom were absolutely wonderful to work with. They are both incredibly thoughtful people- and their wedding had a timeless, classic feel that I loved soaking up.

We had enough time before the ceremony to get some dramatic portraits of both Carter and Katelin- and shooting those images was not only fun but inspiring- they were the perfect subjects for that type of light and I'm thankful for their willingness to experiment with me. 

Congratulations, you two! Wishing you a lifetime of great adventures.

will + aries • autumn oaks event center

I have been so excited to shoot at Autumn Oaks Event Center for the first time, and was honored that Aries & Will gave me that opportunity. Aries planned most of her wedding from San Antonio- which is quite a feat, but thankfully she had the help of great family and friends. I know that it must have felt so relieving to finally see it all come together. I loved the pinks and navy with the crisp, clean white. Most of all, I loved seeing these two together after the ceremony- they just looked so at home with each other. Thank you so much for the honor of shooting your wedding!


Our baby is growing up right before our eyes. I have to be thankful though- this new season- we were ready for it. Knox can be very shy, and he's a rule-follower like his mama, but over the past couple of years he has really loved going to pre-k and socializing with friends. So, when we dropped him off for his very first day at the "big school", I only had one little I-might-break-down moment. 

He sat at his desk after taking pictures in from of the school, hanging up his backpack and greeting his teacher. I squatted down to say, "You are a man of God and Truett Knox Anglin. You are brave. You do not need to worry. God is close, you can talk to Him, and He will be with you all day". I barely got through the last sentence. 

Knox, on the other hand just said, "I know", and waved goodbye with a smile. And we parents went out to breakfast- because holy free time batman. Liv and I came home to a quiet house and she walked around saying, "Bubba? Bubba?" for a while. I think we will get used to this. :)

Just a week or so ago Knox decided he was ready to ride his bike without those training wheels. It didn't take long and he was wiggling down the sidewalk, but staying up nonetheless. By the time I got my camera out, he had even perfected the smile as he whizzed by. 

It's crazy to watch your kid grow. I really thought I would hate him getting older, but each new milestone has been amazing. I am consistently taught by my children and my selfless husband. I couldn't be more thankful for my friends at Knox's school who have made the transition so easy for us. I know that was ordained and no accident. I am starting to accept change more willingly in life because I know I'll need to depend on the Lord to do it.