liv's birth story

I'm excited to finally be writing this post because it means I have some free time- or well, time that isn't consumed with changing, feeding, pumping, cleaning, rocking, or trying to sleep. (NOTE: This is not a complaint. Though more sleep would be welcomed!) 

I also need to just admit upfront that in these days of mommy-wars and all the comparison that goes on over social media, I am partially hesitant to write about this- simply because I went pretty conventional.  Haha- but seriously, birth is such a special event and there are so many options out there now for pregnant women. Had I not had a great experience the first time around when Knox was born I would probably sought out a different "birth plan". 

Speaking of birth plans, I saw this post floating around a few weeks before Liv was born and thought it was hilarious. Mostly because I do have a crunchy/organic/homeopathic side…but also a low pain tolerance. :) So, my birth plan was pretty much "let's do the same thing we did before".

At around 37 weeks I was, well…….done. Just done with pregnancy. You would think someone who waited and prayed so long to be pregnant with this child would just be relishing every last second- but nope. I wanted to meet this baby!

So, when I went for my 38 week appointment, I told my OB I was ready when she said it was ok. I was induced with Knox, and the "scheduling" aspect of it completely satisfied my inner control freak. It was totally relieving for me to know when I needed to have a hospital bag packed, and what the plan for Knox was during our hospital time. Whew! So, miss Liv's birthdate was scheduled for that next Tuesday.

I also need to mention that Shawn and I were smack dab in the middle of moving our clothing store to a new location. Painting at 37 weeks pregnant? Check! We were also hanging new shelves, building a new checkout counter, installing a wall mural, etc. Thankfully, we have a bunch of sweet friends that helped Shawn move all of the actual merchandise, so I didn't have to be involved there. Let's be honest though- I couldn't not help. And maybe God knew it was some good distraction for me. But the stress. It was definitely there for both of us. So much so that "having-a-baby-hospital-time" was looking like a paid vacation. You can check out some photos of the new spot on our Facebook page. We have loved being at 26th & Boston!

So, the day before Liv's birth date, we checked in to the hospital at midnight so that I could take the medicine that would help prepare my body to give birth. They also gave me an Ambien at that time- which was totally amazing. I haven't slept that well in years! We went to sleep and woke up about 8 am (also amazing, considering Knox usually wakes us up about 7). My OB was there and we were literally in the middle of a normal conversation when she broke my water and then started me on Pitocin which would initiate contractions. She also said I could get an epidural at that point so I ordered it up right away! Getting the epidural was a little scary (he had to stick me twice), but not as bad as I remember feeling when I had gotten one with Knox. Once that epidural was in, I was super comfortable. So much so that I took a nap! The nurse turned me on my side and positioned my body on this huge peanut-shaped yoga ball, which was also incredibly comfortable, and I was out. Around noon, the nurse came in and said, "Honey, do you feel like you need to push at all?" To which my response was, "No- why? Am I having contractions?" Haha- apparently I had been having some pretty serious ones. My OB was in pretty quickly after that, and I pushed for about 20 minutes. At 12:24, Liv Caroline Anglin was born!

I will never forget how loudly she cried, or that smooshy swollen face, or how I couldn't believe that she was my child. She didn't look anything like me! They immediately placed her on my chest and she calmed down. This was probably my favorite part. I could just tell that was where she wanted to be. It was wonderful. We got to stay like that for quite a while. Our families came in to see her, and then they bathed and weighed her right there in our room.

The rest of the day and night was a blur of semi-sleep, blood pressure checks, sweet visitors, and nursing. It was an answered prayer to have had an awesome lactation consultant who really helped me, plus a patient baby who has turned out to be a great eater. I remember being so scared the first night with Knox. I wasn't sure he was breathing. Was he warm enough? When will they take him to the nursery? This time around was much more peaceful. I was so, so thankful for that!

The next day, my OB came in to check on me, and told me that she would clear me to go home that day if we didn't want to stay another night. Her words were, "This isn't your first rodeo!". We jumped at that chance (our bed vs. hospital bed? No brainer!). Liv was also cleared to go and we got out of there as soon as we could. Don't get me wrong- we had excellent care, but there is no place like home! I still sit in amazement at the great birth experience we had- and that we got to take home a beautiful, healthy baby. It is still unreal. 


One of the most frequent realizations I've had this time around is how scared I really was the first time. I feared each new stage my child would grow into as if it wouldn't be that much sweeter. Now I know better. And that's made this experience so much more full. 

Knox has adjusted so well- honestly, I think it's been harder for me- knowing that I am having to split my attention and much of the time he gets way less than he's used to. But so many times I have looked up to see him entertaining himself and I just say a thank-you prayer- I love to see his imagination, and I'm also glad to know he is ok! His affections for his little sister couldn't be sweeter. He truly loves her and I can't wait to watch them grow together. 

One thing I am sure of- is that I wouldn't be sane right now without the selfless help of my husband. He has gotten up with me in the middle of the night, been oh-so-patient while our house becomes invaded with baby toys and all the other things I haven't had time to pick up, taken Knox to school and delivered lattes at my request. You guys, I married a very patient man. And he loves his kids so well, too. He frequently feeds Liv for me when he gets home and is always sure to roughhouse with Knox, who is usually chomping at the bit to play. 

We've also been well taken care of by our friends and family, who have brought us food, given us grace after grace, and loved on our kiddos. My mom stayed with us about a week after Liv was born and pretty much cleaned our entire house, cooked a delicious dinner for us every night, and also found the time to organize my disaster of a craft closet. Speaking of selfless people, my Mom is one as well. 

Liv is two months today and every day she gets more expressive and more fun. Her looks change constantly, I feel- but she is beautiful all the time. I feel like as a mom I am always asking, "Who are you going to be, child?". I have a few small clues about this one so far- she is happy. She is patient. She is affectionate. And we love her!

Praise the Lord, o my soul! He is the Maker of heaven and earth- the sea, and everything in them- He remains faithful forever.
— Psalms 146:1&6

matt + priscilla • engaged • texas tech university

From the second I met Matt and Priscilla, it was like I had known them my whole life. These two were so great and easy to talk to- I think I could have spent all day with them! We shot their engagement session on the Texas Tech campus because, well, that's what brought them together! I love that the setting of these images will always remind them of this season of their lives- especially now that they're entering a whole new stage. Something tells me they'll be just fine. :) Congrats you two- so excited for your future!

kyle + claire proposal • buddy hollyville, lubbock, tx

I love getting to photograph proposals. There is so much real emotion in those few minutes when two dating people become each others' fiancé. Shawn joined me on this proposal shoot last week. Kyle and Claire are both from the midwest but grew an affection for Lubbock when Kyle was stationed at the air force base in Clovis, NM. Claire has been a big Buddy Holly fan all her life, so they'd frequent the Buddy Holly museum and memorial here in Lubbock on their visits. So, when it came time to propose, Kyle knew exactly where he wanted to do it. 

The two flew into Lubbock on a Wednesday night and Kyle insisted that they head straight to the Buddy Holly memorial- thankfully, Claire was up for that! Shawn and I were already there pretending to be checking it out ourselves- and (I'm so glad) did not give it all away. Then, Kyle perfectly positioned his soon-to-be bride right in front of Mr. Holly and got down on one knee. Claire was shocked and surprised- it was such a fun, real moment to get to capture. 

Congrats to you two! It's only appropriate to listen to a little Buddy Holly while viewing these images- so click the play button below before you scroll!

life/adoption/store/baby/business update

This post is long overdue- and I have been writing it in my brain for a while now (mostly during my 3 am pregnancy insomnia stints). But, for those interested, here's where I (and we, The Anglins) are at currently:

I am 37 weeks pregnant with Liv. So far, I am feeling pretty darn pregnant- definitely wobbling, receiving some you're-about-to-pop looks from people, and sleeping at night is mostly a wasted effort. :) But- she seems to be growing perfectly and quite content where she is at- so I am betting (and hoping, really) she'll stay put for a couple more weeks. Her due date is March 1. 

Some of my sweet friends here in Lubbock hosted a baby shower for me a couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful. They were so thoughtful with all the details and I was reminded of how much love this little baby has already received- looking at all those faces I saw their prayers for her sheer existence and life and health- and it was such a perfect moment. I am so incredibly grateful for the community of friends and family we have.

Holy baby belly!

Holy baby belly!

After the shower my mom and sister came over and basically put together a baby room for me, while I sat, exhausted, in the corner of the room :). I love how it turned out, though- and will hopefully make a separate post about it soon- there are lots of special things in there! Here are a few iPhone photos:

The closet is open because I am super proud that it is somewhat organized in there- a MAJOR improvement to how it has looked the past year. :)

The closet is open because I am super proud that it is somewhat organized in there- a MAJOR improvement to how it has looked the past year. :)

At the beginning of January, our "baby" turned 4 years old. It is still crazy to think that he is 4. I can't express to you how much I've loved watching his personality develop. Knox is soft-hearted and imaginative. He loves his friends but can also get very involved playing by himself with his legos or cars. I'm always surprised by the questions he asks me- you can tell the wheels are always turning in his brain. This year was the first year he's actually cared about his birthday party- for months, he told me he wanted a "Golden Hot Wheel Birthday Party". So, we went with the car theme and even got a yellow (a.k.a. "golden") Hot Wheel for his cake. It was so great- and again, a huge reminder of the community we have that we are so thankful for. 


We have been asked many times throughout this pregnancy if we are still planning to adopt- or rather, what is going on with our adoption. Yes- we are most definitely still planning to adopt! Adoption has always been in our plan regardless of whether or not we'd have trouble having biological children. Right now, we are essentially toward the end of a very long waiting list of families who are waiting to be matched with a child. Referrals (what agencies call being matched) from Ethiopia have slowed significantly in the past two years. We have technically been waiting for 19 months now. When we initially began our adoption, the wait time was 18-24 months to referral. Our agency officially changed that to 36-48 months last month.

Why the slow down? Why such a long wait? It's hard to say. We know that there has been a lot of "reform" in Ethiopian adoption the past couple of years- both by the Ethiopian government and the U.S. government. Most of these changes have been in an effort to make for certain that a child is adoptable- not a product of lies, misunderstanding or "baby stealing", etc. This, of course, is a good thing- but has essentially made the process a lot longer, with more paperwork and research to be done. For example, most orphans in Ethiopia actually have living relatives who are simply unable to meet their most basic needs (food/shelter/clothing), and therefore take them to the orphanage. In the process of getting adopted, it is required that they have interviews with every living birth relative to confirm that they cannot or do not want to adopt the child. This is a good thing- our agency, America World, was actually already doing these interviews and also facilitates in-country adoptions for free in Ethiopia in an effort to keep families together. But the process of finding every living birth relative in a third-world country is quite a long one. There are few people with cell phones, permanent addresses, cars- and then there is the rainy season, when constant rain causes life and roads and commerce to shut down for a couple of months- and then there are issues with language/culture/understanding of the adoption process…it is just complicated

Even still, we can see clearly that God is working out his plan in our lives. And for now, we will continue to wait and move up the list. We are so thankful that we will get to welcome another baby in the meantime...before we meet our adopted child that we have already felt "pregnant" with for quite a while. 

A while back, a friend posted a picture on Instagram of the journals she has kept for her kids- little notes and stories and letters to them- and I knew that was what I'd been needing to do for this baby. So, I ordered 3 journals from May Designs, one for each of our children (which admittedly felt a little crazy since I haven't yet met 2 of them). We don't have a name yet for the baby we are adopting (nor do we even know if he/she will truly be a baby), deciding what to put on the cover (where the name goes) was a bit ambiguous. But I eventually went with "A". We know for sure that he or she will be an Anglin- and that felt important and worth documenting in this way. So, I've been writing to my kids- even the two that I have yet to meet- and it has been so good for me. There are so many things- different for each child- that I want to say to them as Shawn and I find ourselves in a place of transition again. 


Speaking of transition- we are making a BIG one with our resale clothing store, Culture Clothing. We opened up on Broadway and Ave. Q almost 3 years ago, and a few months ago had the opportunity to move locations to Tech Terrace, where we originally wanted to be. So, we inquired and just like the first time we set up shop- watched God work it all out. Really. We are SUPER pumped about this move (I mean, it is right next to J&B Coffee Shop, which will go well with my coffee addiction), though the timing has been a bit stressful (hello- I'm 37 weeks pregnant!). We got the keys to the new location last week, and are literally in count-down mode until I have a baby and we need to open up shop in the new space. Like I said- the best part of this has been watching God work stuff out. We have learned that being in a business like this one is a constant state of finding solutions from the big issues to the small…and that every solution is a victory! You can track our progress of the new store at our Facebook page or Instagram!

Left: Random guy   Right: Knox Anglin, 4 years old

Left: Random guy   Right: Knox Anglin, 4 years old

Lissa Anglin Photography is also going strong and I'm still booking weddings and photoshoots for 2015. This is typically a slower time of year for me, but I am geared up for a great year. I will be taking maternity leave thru March and April (still doing a few portrait shoots during that time), but one of the beautiful things about my job is that I'm still able to take care of my clients via email and have meetings, even when I'm not technically back to shooting. I've been really enjoying working on my 2014 couples's wedding albums. So, if you or someone you know is getting married, graduating, having a baby, or just wanting some family portraits, please contact me! (You can use the contact page in the menu above.)

Hopefully the next update I post will have a completed store and the face of a tiny new baby! Shawn mentioned the other day that we are currently "pregnant" with many things right now- and I'd agree. One thing I'm sure of- is it is a blessed place to be. :)

11 great places to get married in the lubbock area

One of the first things a bride and groom need to book is their wedding venue. Surprisingly, we have a ton of great venues in the Lubbock area and I thought it would be helpful to list some of my favorites. My biggest piece of advice to couples regarding venue is to select a place that already looks great. You'll spend less time decorating/covering up the ugly if you simply book a great location. All of these have space for a ceremony and reception, which is a huge plus when it comes to logistics! (There are several venues that you won't see on this list simply because I haven't gotten to shoot there yet!)

Spirit Ranch

701 Regis Street, Lubbock, TX 79403
(806) 762-6201

The Legacy Event Center

1500 14th Street, Lubbock, TX 79401
(806) 792-2723

Fulford Barn

1582 Pecan Dr. Brownfield, TX 79316
(806) 891-1540

The following 3 are all located on the Texas Tech Campus, and make for great ceremony/reception combos.

Kent Hance Chapel


McPherson Cellars

1615 Texas Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79401
(806) 687-9463

Ransom Canyon Chapel

31 East Brookhollow, Ransom Canyon, TX 79366
(806) 829-2462, (806) 773-2447, (806) 745-2901

Cotton Creek Barn

608 County Road J, Tahoka, TX 79373
(979) 220-1318

The Watson Building

1109 13th Street, Lubbock, TX 79401
(806) 765-7171

Tierra del Corazon

4501 E FM 1729, Lubbock, TX 79403
(806) 781-2969

ory + larkin • wedding • wellington, tx

I loved being in the small town of Wellington, TX for the marriage of these two special people. Being there at Larkin's hometown church, surrounded by her and Ory's long-time friends and family ready to step in and help however they could- knowing that all of those faces were genuinely ecstatic for this was so much fun.

There were so many gorgeous details put together by the always-inspiring Parie of Parie Designs- and I LOVED the mint + navy winter color scheme. It was cold outside, but the sweet treats and classic decor were perfect for the occasion. 

Since both Ory and Larkin are from small West Texas towns, they chose to mix dirt from each of their respective cities as their "unity candle" during the ceremony. If you know how important farming is to this area, you understand what significance the ground holds- not only the foundation for all, but the place where growth is cultivated. Pretty insightful for a couple on their first day of marriage, if you ask me. :)

On to the photos- please enjoy! These guys were so, so wonderful to work with- and I appreciate their trust so much. Congrats you two!

Wedding Gown: Sottero Midgely, Brides of Amarillo

Groom + Groomsmen: Allure, Al's Formal Wear

Bridesmaids: Donna Morgan

Event Coordinator + Designer: Parie Designs

Cake: Veronica Gray

Macaroons: The Wild Cupcake

Hair: The Scarlet Door

Makeup: Kim Wood

Wedding Stationery: Hodgepodge Design

Videography: Fat Shack Films

tyler + maegan • engagement • amarillo, tx

I have known Tyler all my life- well, all his life, really- and I can't tell you how excited I am about his engagement to Maegan. Tyler is one of those people who I have hoped and prayed for an excellent, God-loving, fun, beautiful wife- and Maegan is all of those things and more. I was so excited to get to shoot their engagement session over Christmas. Shawn came along and got several of these shots as well. We had a great time hanging out with them and are so excited for their future! Congrats you guys! 

shaddix • newborn • snyder, tx

Last week I got to go visit baby Shaddix and is parents at their home in Snyder. This little guy is just adorable- so tiny but so alert- and clearly fond of his mommy and daddy. I've known Arthur and Alex for a few years now- I shot their engagement session way back when-  and it was so neat to see them transition into parents, and a family of 3. Meet the coolest new kid on the block- Shaddix!

ted + jennifer • wedding • lubbock, tx

Ahhh, a December wedding. I hate that the sun goes down oh-so-quickly this time of year, but I also love it when we have clients that trust us enough to embrace the shadows and create some really dramatic images on their wedding day. Ted and Jennifer were so much fun to be around on their big day. These two have got to be some of the most easygoing people I know- they and their families were entirely welcoming and warm, making their wedding day a really special time. It is a real honor when we feel like guests ourselves! Here are some of my favorite images from their wedding day- I was really loving black and white for so many of these images. Enjoy!