I’ve been a professional photographer for over a decade, but I’m also a mom, and I get it. It’s rare that my kids want to stop and say cheese, much less stand in the perfect spot with beautiful lighting. I love the way my presets give me the ability to quickly (like, 30 seconds!) make my photos magic- getting rid of all the undesirable parts of my iPhone’s quick snaps and perfectly reflecting the happy feels I get from my sweet babes.

After a one-time download and install of my presets into the FREE Adobe Lightroom app, you’ll be good to go! Annnnnd, I’ve made a short, simple video tutorial for you to watch that will take you through the install process.

Once you purchase your presets, you will receive a PDF with information on how to download and install them.

Don’t forget- I also have two online courses that will teach you how I edit in Adobe Lightroom! Check them out HERE.




Swept up in the crisp autumn air, I created these 6 presets to make your photos feel like they are cuddled up next to the warm glow of a fire. Ok, perhaps that’s a bit dramatic- but they are the essence of the autumn season! Contrasted warm tones with varying levels of saturation, you are sure to find the perfect preset for every photo within this pack.

Included are 7 presets: Apple Cider, Cinnamon Sugar, Cozy Sweater, Crisp Air, Harvest Ale, Maple Leaf, Pumpkin Spice



The Winter Collection presets are designed for all the photos you’ll take during the most wonderful time of the year! They’re specially designed to add a bit of cheer (the Cranberry and Snow presets), moodiness (Evergreen, Silver Bells), or cozy (Hot Cocoa, Flannel).



The Spring Collection is a burst of light and bright for your photos. With just the right amount of color, they can transform your feed and your everyday snaps. You can expect some natural earthiness and glowy skin with the Barefoot and Lush presets, pops of pink and purple with Bloom and Lovely, a bit of cool and calm with Dewdrop, and warmth and brightness with the Sunkiss preset. This is the set you’ve been looking for if you love bright and airy!



These are my ESSENTIAL Color and Black & White presets. This pack contains 2 presets (a color one and a black & white one) that I use for my own photography work. These are my signature presets that really define my style as a photographer- clean, crisp, and bright!




The Summer Collection screams warm sun and adventure. Geared toward enhancing the bright colors we see during summertime, I’ve also formulated these presets to fit your agenda. Breeze works amazingly in indoor situations, adding a little pop of color, Snow Cone adds a fun punch to your greens and purples for a technicolor dream, Happy Camper is for all your outdoor mountain adventures, Mint Mojito is kind to greenery and will enhance the natural flora around you, Sand + Sea was made for the beach, and will give you a little tan, too! And Tropic is perfectly warm and bright, like you’re patio sitting with a frosted drink in hand.