(It's pronounced like "Melissa" with no "Me"- but I answer to anything close!)

I live with my awesome husband, Shawn, and we have two kids- Knox and Liv. We are also in the process of adopting another child from China. We have small-town roots and were married New Year's Eve 2005. Shawn and I lead busy (but blessed!) lives and love being business owners. We also love working together- he is my second shooter at weddings and we also own an eclectic little resale shop in Lubbock, TX called Culture Clothing.

Why do I photograph?

Photography has always been the most satisfying mode of art for me. Nothing can be more challenging and rewarding, and it allows me to capture people at the most exciting points in life. I feel so honored to be a part of my clients' journeys. In my images I hope to document a vibrant clipping of who they are, then and there.

I do my best to create a casual and fun atmosphere during photoshoots. It's very important to me that you fully enjoy it. I want to create individual experiences, and to display the unique characteristics of each relationship.

I love people. I love what makes them all different. I love that I get to capture that!

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